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Breathing room, with a view

Arbutus is a quiet, tree-filled neighbourhood that, despite its close proximity to the downtown core, has managed to retain and relish its neighbourhood feel, peaceful ambience and green space. This is an area for families, young professionals, students and seniors. It is a “true” neighbourhood.

Within the immediate boundaries of Arbutus lies Trafalgar Elementary School, with Carnarvon Elementary and Kitchener Elementary just over the Arbutus boundaries. Prince of Wales Secondary School offers its facilities and educational services to your teenage family members. Also within close driving distance are several independent and private schools including York House, Crofton House, Vancouver College, Little Flower Academy and St. Georges.

Bounded by West 16th to the north, King Edward to the south and East Boulevard and Quesnel Drive to the east and west respectively, Arbutus is a neighbourhood of older homes and newer dwellings built to reflect the heritage of the area.

The original “Ridge” elevations – along with a section of the original low-lying marsh which was filled in with False Creek sand during the 1940s – offer spectacular views to the North Shore Mountains and the Downtown core. Dotted with green space, the area is a Westside jewel that is friendly for families, for children and also for dogs.

Arbutus is one of those areas that can truly boast about its neighbourhood feel

Arbutus is primarily made up of single family detached homes, mixed in with townhouses and some low-rise and high-rise dwellings. Older homes mix in with the newer developments, which for the most part have been built to reflect the heritage style of the area. The main impetus for the growth of this area was the spillover need for housing from the Dunbar area, as well as the 1905 construction of the street car line from Vancouver to Steveston that was run by BC Electric Company. The line opened up access to the area and the neighbourhood grew from there. The majority of the homes in the area were built between 1946 and 1960.

Trafalgar Park is the largest of the many green spaces and parks which dot the Arbutus area. Trafalgar Park offers the amenities necessary for everything from soccer to baseball to ultimate frisbee. There are dog friendly off-leash areas, walking paths and jogging paths throughout the area. Two community centres – Dunbar and Kerrisdale – lie just over the Arbutus boundaries and offer a myriad of recreational activities and choices.

Also situated within the Arbutus neighbourhood, Carnarvon Park offers many recreation opportunities from a multitude of sports fields to a fitness circuit and a children’s playground. The diversity of trees in the park includes ash, plum, crabapple and hornbeam, making Carnarvon Park an ideal location for a summer’s eve stroll.

Shopping and Restaurants
Arbutus is one of those areas that can truly boast about its neighbourhood feel. Devoid of mega-stores or strip malls, Arbutus has retained the “shop in your neighbourhood” values of old. Small pockets of retail shopping dot the area with retailers such as Choices (for groceries) and Starbucks making sure that they fit in, rather than intrude on, the historic feel of the Arbutus neighbourhood.

Arbutus is full of quiet yet delightful surprises in both the retail and restaurant sectors. For example, La Buca is a small “hole in the wall” restaurant that has elegantly fit into the surrounding area, while boasting a world-renowned “five star” dining status.

Arbutus has the luxury of being in close proximity to not only the Downtown core but also to all major routes to other parts of the Lower Mainland. Easy access, various route availability and short driving times to just about anywhere are “pluses” that few areas can boast. The public transportation to this area is superior and frequent. The Downtown core and the airport are really just a short trip away, whether you are driving or taking transit.