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A single family residence, or single family home is a detached home, usually with both a front and back yard, driveway, and attached garage.


  • A single family residence offers greater privacy, no common walls, less intruding noise from neighbors
  • Usually includes a yard which may include enough space for a lawn, swimming pool, RV parking, or other amenities
  • May be able to be expanded
  • Garages are common
  • May have a homeowners’ association and CC&Rs


  • More expensive home type
  • All maintenance on a single family residence is homeowner’s responsibility
  • May have a homeowners’ association and CC&Rs


Condominiums, or more commonly referred to as condos, are essentially apartments that are individually owned:


  • Condos are generally less expensive than single family homes
  • You may be able to afford to live in a more expensive neighborhood
  • Easy lifestyle – the condominium homeowners association often covers roof replacement, exterior maintenance, common area maintenance, and other expenses
  • Condominiums often include amenities such as a community pool


  • Noise from neighbors, including those above , next to, or below your unit
  • Homeowners’ association fees and politics, and CC&R restrictions
  • Parking at condos is often in a common area not attached to the home
  • No yard
  • Some condo buildings may have stairs


A townhouse is a dwelling that seems to combine the best amenities of a single-family home and a true condo. Many people are a bit confused about exactly what defines a dwelling as a townhouse, and some of the lines are somewhat blurred, but the true explanation of a townhouse is simple: a townhouse is a home that is attached to adjacent houses. Typically, ownership of the townhouse comes with ownership of the land that its on.


  • Exterior maintenance ad repairs are minimal
  • There are no neighbors above or below the home like in an apartment or a condo
  • Because the homes are attached, they may offer a grater sense of security


  • If there is a homeowner's association, buyers will have to pay a homeowner's fee
  • There is less privacy than with a detached single-family home