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Tips for Selling Your Home in Vancouver

A home that is visually appealing and in good condition will attract potential buyers driving down the street and yield a quicker and higher price sell. Use this checklist to view the home through an outsider’s eyes:

  • Are the lawn and shrubs well maintained?
  • Are there cracks in the foundation or walkways?
  • Does the driveway need resurfacing?
  • Is the garage door closed?
  • Are the gutters, chimney and walls in good condition?
  • Do the window casings, shutters, siding or doors need painting?
  • Are garbage and debris stored out of sight?
  • Are lawn mowers and hoses properly stored?

Strong curb appeal will lure home buyers inside, but the inside will sell your home. It may not seem fair, but a home buyer looks at the inside of your home and judges how well you have kept up your home overall. Here is a checklist of easy improvements you should make to your home’s interior before selling a home:

  • Clean windows (inside & out), floors and bathroom tiles
  • Make sure you have clean heating and air conditioning filters
  • Shampoo and clean all carpets
  • Clean tubs and showers, repair dripping faucets and oil squeaky doors
  • Keep your home neat, clean and picked-up at all times
  • If a room needs a fresh coat of paint, use a neutral off-white.
  • Remove unnecessary clutter from the garage, closets, etc and straighten stored items
  • If your home is crowded with too much furniture, consider putting some things into storage.
  • Think about how your home smells. You may be used to the smell of a pet or cigarettes, but such odors can be a strong turn-off to home buyers

Setting The Mood For Selling A Home

Finally, set a mood for the buyer to help you to sell you home more quickly and get maximum sells price. Here are some last minutes details you should do every time you show your home to a home buyer:

  • Make your house homey with live flowers and fresh fruit
  • Set out fresh guest towels and soap in the bathroom
  • Place scented potpourri around the house
  • Pop a batch of frozen cinnamon rolls into the oven for a welcoming aroma
  • Open blinds and curtains and allow natural light and turn on lights 

Remember, cosmetic changes do not have to be expensive. Attention to the basics—anything that says “this home has been carefully maintained”—that will help you get the price you want.