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With the advent of 21st century, real estate market has been developing by leaps and bounds especially in Vancouver, and this is the best time to buy or invest in a lucrative property in Canada, especially in Vancouver. Vancouver Realtor® greatly helps you buying homes, offices and corporate building within your desired timeframe.

Vancouver is always been a place of attraction. To purchase a lavish property in Vancouver adds a feather to your portfolio. Vancouver has accomplished a highly competitive real estate industry, in which it is important to hire a Real Estate agent to assist you further with your needs.

Whether you want to purchase a high-rise apartment, condo, townhouse, a professional agent provides you information that gives you real picture of present day market along with latest prices and rates.

Vancouver is been ranked the second most expensive city to live in after Hong Kong. However for those who choose to reside in this beautiful city there are a number of properties spread across Greater Vancouver; West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver West, East Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Tri Cities, Maple Ridge and Richmond. Depending upon your requirement.

Being a trusted and professional agent in the city, many of Buyers & Sellers seek our consultation before buying or selling properties. When it comes to buying property in the city, Vancouver Real Estate broker tops the list of brokers, as she is among experienced and talented agents in the city. Above all, she wears positive attitude, dealing with her client’s, and is a master of negotiating. Thus, she easily converts a deal in her client’s favor, which results in happy clients buying his/her favorite house or condos in Vancouver.

Today, it is more important to find the right Realtor® who has perfect knowledge about the builders, developers and the prices. Buying a property is a life-long investment and if it goes wrong, then whole life earning would be wasted. Therefore, it is really essential to have a professional yet friendly real estate broker who can understand your requirements before providing suitable options.

Vancouver Realtor’s are one of the most leading and experienced real estate professionals who have been catering realty needs of customers from around the world, who are enthusiastic in purchasing or selling properties in Vancouver.

After analyzing your specific realty requirements, property professional presents you Vancouver real estate listings that perfectly matches your needs and gives you your dream home in the best competitive rates.

For highly professional property dealer, client satisfaction is of highest importance. Tanvir Khera fulfills clients’ requirements through her unparalleled services and dedication.

Feel Free to contact her today if you are thinking of Buying or Selling a Home in Vancouver – www.tanvirkhera.com

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Different people prefer different things and especially when selecting a home sweet home to live in for the rest of your lives, priorities change. It’s not always only the price of the house that matters. Surely, some people priorities the size, the number o bedrooms, the location and lots of such things.

According to a survey, the key home features that BC residents are currently looking for is outdoor space – of course within a specified price range! 65% responded that outdoor living spaces were just as important – whether it was a small yard or just a simple balcony. Over 55% had their priorities set on the number of bedrooms and 52% made their decisions based on the overall square footage. Well, 51% also included location based features such as whether the home is at a walking distance from the most common amenities.

Here are the most important features that home buyers are currently considering before they make a purchase in BC:


• Cost of housing – This is almost always the first priority on the list. Once the cost of the housing suits budget constraints, all other criteria can be checked and worked upon.

• Private outdoor space – This criterion seems to be growing in popularity over the past few years. Outdoor spaces are an interesting addition to your lifestyles.

 Number of bedrooms – This usually is a criteria for growing families and families with kids. The number of bedrooms needs to be considered.

 Overall square footage – the size of the house could contribute to the living experience. Well, no one wants to live in a place where you feel like the walls are closing in!

• Storage space – The amount of storage space is being considered as a criterion for a number of home buyers in BC.

 Walking distance to the most common amenities – Shopping centers and malls at a walking distance means a lot to some home buyers.

• Garage or indoor parking – Well, many families care about a proper parking space while purchasing a home in BC.

 Pet friendly – A pet friendly neighborhood is on the top priority for those who already have a pet and are planning to move or for those who plan on buying a pet in the near future.

• Reputation of the developer – Checking out the reputation of the developer seems to be an increasing trend in BC before buying a house. Home buyers contact agents and do their research before making a buying decision.

• Access to public transit and proximity to work – this decides how convenient their lifestyle is going to be. This has been an increasingly important factor for a number of home buyers.

Priorities often decide the type of house people select and there could be certain tradeoffs there. For example, proximity to amenities and work could mean a smaller home or a spacious outdoor area could be far away from work. Finding the right balance for families to live comfortably is the key to selecting a home in BC.

Want to buy a home in Vancouver? Tanvir Khera has been one of the most leading residential Realtors in East Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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Moving to new neighborhoods could be an overwhelming decision. It’s always best to do your research before taking a decision and making the move. While it’s always a good idea to locate real estate agents in that locality to give you a clear picture of what you are getting into, you could do some research yourself and understand the pros and cons of moving to these new places.

So, before you buy, consider the following points:

Discovering problems and plus points

Neighborhoods are never problematic; its individual preferences that create conflicts of choices and make them seem like uncomfortable or displeasing to live in. So the topmost priority is the buyer’s choice and comfort level with the neighborhood. Some buyers are looking for home maintenance and surrounding areas that are well maintained for their family to move into. It gives you a sense of pride when you drive around your neighborhood and find it well maintained and clean! Also good points to consider are, whether the neighborhood has parks nearby or businesses nearby or some other things that make you either comfortable or uncomfortable. This could greatly influence your buying decision.

Assessing upcoming neighbors

Look for real estate which still has not crossed the ‘affordable’ mark and yet has a growing community. Your best bet for getting such information is the local agent because they are around the neighborhood more often and know all the projects in and out.

Do your homework 

Each family has different needs. So, even if you have consulted a real estate agent, you need to do some research on your own. Talk to a few neighbors. Read up on the internet and find out all that you can about the locality that you are considering buying a home in. Only you will be able to tell whether you get a good ‘feeling’ about the neighborhood or not. Other important factors that you should be looking for are the upcoming developments in that area. This greatly impacts the prices of homes there. Other than prices, it also impacts the quality of life in that locality. For example are there any transit routes planned? Or is there an upcoming business center planned within a short distance of the locality or any other such issues?

Talk to actual neighbors

One important source of information are the actual neighbors living in that locality. They can tell you how long they have been living there or how long they plant o live and why. Also, if there are any neighbors leaving, you will know why. It’s a good idea to take opinions from at least 2-3 neighbors before you finalize your plan.
In the end, however, do not let other’s opinions overshadow your preferences. Make sure that you match your requirements with the offerings of the neighborhood. There will always be differences of opinions so understand how you really feel about the place and then gather facts and finally take the big decision of buying that property!

As for investing or moving up, it is best to consult a Vancouver Real Estate agent before you make the move and decide.

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The DIY (do it yourself) trend with offshoot ideas and discussions on everything from making things, to riding a plane or even further buying a house may sound like a pretty much good idea to you. However, skipping the Realtor® from the scene will more likely make the process stressful and annoying. Hiring a Realtor® has many advantages and here I list down a few reasons to hire one for you.

Buying and selling becomes easy. The DIY will suit some and not all! Going on your own will consume time as you will need some research like browsing Vancouver real estate listings and neighborhoods. While with an experienced agent, the results are faster, concrete and precise. With his contacts and eye for good properties, the agent will identify properties that suit not only your taste, but budget as well. These realtors drastically cut time and hassles to scan through limitless properties across the town.

More value for buyers. Buying home in Vancouver with the help of a Realtor®means more savings as a result of negotiation. As a buyer, you’re not expected to pay a commission to your agent as their commission value is the seller’s headache.

And sellers, on the contrary, will probably lose thousands in negotiation if they do not have an agent. The primary notion is that when you do not have any percentage as payable commission, that percentage of the total value becomes the scope for further negotiation. And buyers will certainly take advantage of this and will offer accordingly.

Help in finding the right value. A property for sale in Vancouver may estimate its value as XX, but is that the right value? To determine the best value that you can get or pay for a particular property is do a Comparable Market Analysis. Realtors can help you to decide an estimated final value of the property by performing an analysis on several parameters on the basis of the current market events.

Help in closing the deal. Realtors are trained professionals to identify and fulfill needs in a timely manner. Selling or buying a home in Vancouver or elsewhere is a long and a lengthy process which can take days or even a month. So, Realtors can help you sail smoothly through the process carrying much of the load and saving you the time to enjoy your new dream home.

Helps you avoid unnecessary hassles. Not so serious prospects can make your buying or selling experience a tricky one. To rebuff such prospects, you need a fully aware Vancouver real estate agent. A Realtor® can help you avoid irritants from the process like builders, buyers /sellers themselves or the authorities at the civic bodies.

They have an advantage. Online property listings that give away details of properties for sale and possible prospects are only a part of the major chunk. Many buyers and sellers prefer to keep the trade under the wraps and agents remain the only point of contact to reach such opportunities. A Realtor® in such cases proves better than just pages of listings with no real contact.

Feel Free to contact me today if you are thinking of Buying or Selling Home in Vancouver.

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